Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Today, the concern is our economic system (the U.S.). Since elementary school most Americans have been taught that capitalism is good and that it's the best economic system in the world. Now, I not only know that is absolute crap but that is an outright lie told to us by the very folks who are benefiting from using humans as slaves for capital. The sheeple (nickname for people who follow the crowd and don't think for themselves) seem all too willing to swallow whatever their teaches, parents, and the media vomit in their mouths (I know that's a nasty visual. I cringe to read it). I know it's hard to accept that the people you love and trust the most would have it wrong and give you wrong information in return. What gets me the most is not that Americans have been brainwashed by our institutions and paralyzed with fear of other economic systems by our media but that the majority of Americans haven't done real research in attempt to gain real understanding of what "Capitalism" really means for all of us who aren't rich as well as for those who are. Most Americans still haven't figured it out or even care to figure it out it seems. The bad economic situation our country is still in (and will be in again off and on even if we do fix it soon) is waking more Americans up to the fact that everything isn't well in Capital land. I know I'm probably going to get a bunch of folks defending capitalism and singing it praises because they have an iPhone or some special gadget that makes life worth living. Do me a favor, before you comment do some research into what capitalism means in practice and not just in theory. Also think about what capitalism means for you, your family, friends and foreigners in other lands that have valuable resources that the U.S. would just love to get its hands on. Just research capitalism and other economic systems. Please do not only go to mainstream sources and sources that support your view that capitalism is the best option we have. I'll be happy to go more in depth when the comments starting flying. Thanks. Happy Posting!

My Introduction

I know, I know, its been awhile since I updated or even visited my own page. For this, I am sorry to all who were waiting for me if any. Well, I'll reintroduce myself. Hello, my name is here is LG. Actually I decided to shorten it for privacy reasons. Who knows you may figure out who I am but I must warn you I'm not a celebrity or anything like that. So I guess it doesn't really matter what my name is then. I decided to start this blog to give my outlook/opinion on life and talk about politics, economic systems, religion, organic living/choices, vegetarianism, unemployment, health, etc. In other words I'm going to talk about a range of things.I really want to hear your own opinions on the subject matter. In fact I think that's the best part. After all, I don't want to just hear myself talk or write. I hope to make some money as well. I mean it would be nice. I haven't completely decided which direction or niche to go in yet so please don't hesitate to tell me what you all would like to talk about. Hopefully, I can help someone else with their outlook on life as well. I decided to title my blog: "God Why Am I Alive?" at first but I've had a lot of changes take place since then so I decided to rename my blog "Making the Case for a New World," and I may change that soon too. I want your perspectives and I appreciate all of your comments.